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The Witch

Sketching away. Decided to paint some color on this quick sketch that I did the other day. Who doesn't like the idea of a witch flying into the sky, casting spells, skull in hand. Happy Winter Solstice,...

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“It is totally negligent for a business to develop a new app and not make it available to Android and iOS at the same time.”

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App Development Negligence

"It is totally negligent for a business to develop a new app and not make it available to Android and iOS at the same time." -Steve Rovetti, while trying to figure out who thinks it's a good idea to completely marginalize end-users via OS choice....

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A quick snap of Fiona - yes, wearing her leopard skin jacket (as usual). Nikon 50mm 1.4g / Nikon SB-800 - Orbis Ring...

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Chills up your spine, son! Just banged out this quick sketch (again bored... listening to southern hip hop, insomniac style). This Frankenstein is kinda handsome, right? I might add a bit more to make his neck bolts stick out, but I'm happy where he's at right now....

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Thought that it might be a good idea to do get off of my ass and start uploading some of my "I'm bored and can't sleep" artwork, sketches, concepts, and random etcetera. Enjoy.  Chickity check it....

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A Random Sketched and Painted Gal

Well, it started out as a simple practice study of just Helena Bonham Carter’s face, and it ended up going off of the rails, not looking like her at all, and resulting in a final colored version. Enjoy. I've been looking at John K's stuff a lot lately, and have been...

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A Bio-Mess

YES! Finally getting back into the swing of things with a new collage. I call it.... BIOMESS EFFECT. I like it. Who doesn't like flying cats, skulls, and cut out titles from a Connecticut disaster preparedness brochure? Cowboy rodeo ridin' a lobster? You're f*cking-a...

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The Periodic Table of SEO

Well, there's no doubt in my mind... they've pretty much got it right. All in one interesting document. Good stuff. Take a look when you get a chance... it may help you with some questions that you have with SEO and SERPS....

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Rail made it!

Many thanks to everyone that helped my image "Rail" make it's way to the top page of the other week. It was actually positioned at number one for a bit of time before its surging slowed down. "Rail" was a photo that I took on a crisp fall day when my parents...

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