Monsterwood | The Graphic Novel

Successfully funded Kickstarter Campaign

Marketing, campaign development, videography, photography, book design, PR.

The Book

Monsterwood: Book 1, is the first of three, 60+ page Monsterwood graphic novels, which together, will comprise the first story arc. Monsterwood: Book 1 will initially be offered for pre-sale only through the Kickstarter campaign.

“Monsterwood falls squarely in the coming-of-age mythos, but contains significant twists, outlandish creatures, strong female characters, plenty of sinister villains, and tons of action and adventure. Monsterwood has a fairy tale like aesthetic with appropriately dark edges, resulting in a look and feel that is at-once ancient, mysterious, haunting, and beautiful.”

The Monsterwood book was designed and laid out as a beautiful 9″x12″ casebound book, much like a high-end coffee table book. We are also including a special reflective spot UV varnish on the book to create a beautiful, luxury effect. The story and art deserve no less.

The following images are spec mocks that were produced… the final cover art will be more appropriately adjusted.

The Campaign

The Kickstarter crowdfunding project was a hell of a ride. It combined healthy doses of creative/design time, video and photography work (and the scripting around it), PR, and social media promotion. At a number of times during the project, we were staring down the barrel of a validated 85% to 90% failure rate, especially asking for over $10k.

With specifically targeted approaches to our key demographics, we were able to push to the finish line and finish at $17,366 pledged of our $14,500 goal!