Travel Plus

Design, UI/UX, Creative Direction

As Creative Director and lead designer for the project, I was tasked with designing Travel Plus with a clean, easy to use UI and aesthetic; one that focuses on increasing usage and engagement. I determined that a clean, flat design with a number of inspirational images would serve the site well, and enhance the user experience.

The process was timed in a way to ensure that we had the ability to work directly with the frontend IT team on the fly to adjust and tweak the responsive elements of the page to a pixel perfect build.

More about the product…

“These days, the urge to get away — to leave everyday concerns behind, even if just for a little while — is more compelling than ever. Wanderlust knows no demographic boundaries, but the ability to act on travel impulses is often limited by financial concerns.”

  • Earn 5% cash back — up to $1,000 in savings every membership year — when they make travel reservations through the program
  • Get up to $500 every membership year in travel service rebates for airline, hotel, car-rental, and Wi-Fi charges, including in-flight entertainment, early room check-in, late car drop-offs, and many more
  • Save 10% on $25 gift cards to popular restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and other travel vendors; and
  • Find local parking garages and lots — and compare rates, services, and availability — in practically any location in the country, quickly and easily, with our Parking Finder benefit.