Globe Turnout Gear

Globe Turnout Gear Photoshoot

Assignment Photography, High Risk Photoshoot Management, Video

Longview, TX
Shreveport, LA
Eagle, Idaho

The reward of knowing how to work hard…

Not only was this project a challenge, it truly was an honor to work with such dedicated, and hard working folks. Multiple locations, with a huge reactive aspect; we didn’t have any prior scouting images… so I simply went to work.

Whether I was shooting 100 feet off the deck, or hanging upside down underneath a wrecked car, I tried to stay focused on the shots, and the gear. The images speak for themselves. Multiple locations, multiple days… bruised knees and elbows, broken glass in my arm, sore back… exhausting. All worth it for the shots.

A number of these images are still in use in the Globe catalogs; a great assignment, and one that served everyone well.

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Minor Personal Injuries


Satisfaction with Final Images

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