Housing Diversity Corporation

Housing Diversity Corporation is a company that aims to expand the diversity and supply of market-rate multifamily housing across the urban centers of the West Coast. As the company grew, they realized that is was time to strengthen their brand. They wanted a comprehensive list of items that they would be able to use… 

  • a new logo
  • a new website
  • print templates
  • presentation templates
  • correspondence standards
  • a comprehensive branding standards package

Logo Design

The Housing Diversity logo needed to be unique, modern, and strike a balance that truly incorporated the company’s mission and what they do. As the logo developed, there were a lot of shapes and layouts; we continued to work with Adina at Housing Diversity Corporation to fine-tune the design to something really special.

The logo does a great job of expressing the heart of the company… with an “H”,”D”, and “C” in the shapes of the logo. We designed a number of variants so that the logo was completely flexible and easy to use in any application… big, small, color, monochrome, and more.

The Website

Built with WordPress on the Divi platform… the website is a powerhouse. It’s been designed to be as scalable as possible, with a clean aesthetic.


  • Fully responsive
  • Custom contact forms
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Embedded Matterport® renderings
  • Google Maps integration
  • Native video background support
  • Comprehensive project pages

Print Design

The print templates were designed to be fully modular; as projects emerged, the turnaround time for prospects is really short; this created a need for the templates to be as efficient as possible. Designed in Adobe InDesign, and able to be edited quickly, the Housing Diversity templates hit the nail on the head, reduced time to build, and look beautiful.


  • 8.5″x11″ template designs
  • simple stylesheets for character and paragraph styling
  • clean and efficient grid-based system for consistency