A while ago (seemingly out of nowhere), I received an email from Lunchclub, an AI-assisted meeting site that provides people with curated 1-to-1 professional connections. The email was straightforward; they saw my profile on LinkedIn, and thought it was compelling (blush), and asked me to join them. 

Psst… A button to join without the wait is at the bottom of this post!

I did. 

It’s pretty awesome. 

It’s pretty straightforward; you tell Lunchclub about you, your background, what you’re looking for, and interests, hobbies, whatever you’re into. Every week, you let Lunchclub know whether you’d like to make a connection (you can make up to three a week). Lunchclub’s AI matches you for a 1:1 video meeting… the ones that I’ve had so far have been Zoom, Skype, and Hangouts. Whatever works for you and your connection. 

Invite from LunchClub

In the five meetings that I’ve had, I haven’t been disappointed*. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, and chat. It’s just that. Think of it as a lunch meeting that a professional friend has set up for you; someone they thought would be great to talk to. No one seems to be pitching anything. There hasn’t been any weirdness. In a short stretch of time, I’ve had the opportunity to talk shop with…

  • A kickass creative director and designer (she and I talked about Covid, and its impact on our industry)

  • A managing director at a hard-hitting creative agency (another awesome talk about creativity and our work)

  • A designer-turned-concept artist  (fascinating conversation about transitioning from design to concept-art, and the future of the craft)

  •  A senior director at a company that provides technology for Kindle and ReMarkable (talked about cool tech, and how it gets to the consumer)

  • An art-driven mastermind working on all things immersive and interactive (we talked about the power of art and creativity, past and upcoming projects)

*There was one meeting that the person I was going to be meeting with cancelled for rather blunt reasons, but I have a feeling their future on Lunchclub actually isn’t very bright.

Lunchclub seems to be a great solution right now; especially with the strange things that Covid-19 is doing to our world, and our industries. It’s a nice, 45-minute break, that can result in some really cool conversations, with interesting people.

I’m not exactly sure how the Lunchclub model is going to grow. They obviously have a plan. It currently has a “clubpoints” model, where you can spend acquired points (gained from having meetings, referring friends, etc.) to further customize your meeting options (choosing to meet someone with a specific specialty, having more than 3 meetings, in a week, etc.).

Regardless of the direction that they go in… now’s the time to jump in. It’s a intuitive site that makes it really easy to set up matches, and schedule meetings. I highly recommend it.

Smash the button below, and you’re invited… (current users like me can invite people right now!) Maybe I’ll bump into you there!

How Lunchclub works.

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