Designer, Photographer, Creative Director.

Husband. Father. Lover of all things creative. Wearer of pink socks.

You’re awesome.

Seriously. You’ve spent time looking at my work, reading my blog, or simply being engaged. That’s awesome.

Here’s where I’m at…

Currently I’m serving as Design Director at The University of Connecticut Foundation.

Previously, I spent a year serving as Art Director/Senior Visual Media Designer at MassMutual Financial Group, in Springfield Connecticut. I owned and operated Rovettidesign LLC (business founded in  2007),  a successful business providing clients clean, straightforward, and effective graphic design, photography, and web design services, without the headache that can be experienced with larger firms. I sport a long list of satisfied clients; small and large businesses that have reaped the benefits of my multi-faceted skillset.

Some of my clients included Polartec, SAM Medical, BAE Systems, Monadnock, Protech Tactical, Aphrodite’s Love Chocolates, Hammerstone’s Whiskey Disks, Nextec Applications, Primaloft, Kismet Rock Foundation… and many, many more.

I live on a quiet dirt road in Willington, CT with the love of my life Jenny, my children Fiona and Cullen, our cats Castiel and Koji, and some lovely chickens.

When I’m not designing, sketching, or shooting photos, I’m probably babbling about zombie movies, music, or hanging out with Jenny and playing with my kids. I love what I do, and I’m happy I can share it with you.

At the moment:

I’m very focused on talking about process (and the development of smart, lean process) within the creative field, insight into the creative process within an organization (mitigating the difficulties that are attached to it), and all things related to embracing your creative juice and making a career out of it. All good. Drop me a line if you want to chat or have me visit.