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This is the home of some of my design, photography, writing, and other related creative work.
I love talking about design, the creative process, and collaboration. Welcome.

Vision. Plain and simple.

A good designer has an eye for design.
A great designer understands the audience, acts as an educator, takes risks, solves problems, and never forgets the potential of what boundless creativity can provide.

Burn Bright

Make an impression. Act as an advocate for good design. Carry the fire with your vision.

Anything it takes to bring the best design to light. They agree.

Stephen is an absolute powerhouse. From concept to design, to final output, Stephen is extremely talented, professional, and overall the most hardworking guy out there for design,web, and print work- bar none. Add in his ability to deliver superior work in what is often a crunched deadline ( isn’t that often the case/need?) at a very competitive cost and you have the #1 contender for any job that presents itself.

Jason Rosen

Skinwalker Studios

I have had the pleasure of working with Steve for the last couple of years and have an gained an unparallelled amount of insight and knowledge into what it takes to shine and succeed as a designer in this industry. Steve leads the charge for compelling and smart solutions, always honest and selfless in effort to provide an extremely valuable and effective answer for his clients. Experienced and battle tested across all fronts from design to management, Steve’s unique blend of passion and skills couldn’t be recommended highly enough.

Max Avedisian

Owner, Funky Rabbit Media

Steve is one of those rare creative, yet open-minded, marketing talents. He takes the time to fully listen to needs and goals, encouraging open dialog. He then instills his creativity and experience to transform them into selling power. He has been my go-to guy for his multifaceted ability, from print and web design to photography, social media, and beyond. Always a pleasure to work with!

Erik Rockel

Brand Manager / Product Manager, Outdoor Research

Recent Writing

Do they know what they want before they ask for it?

Let’s set the stage, shall we? You’re a creative professional, or in a creative department. Let’s say you’re a graphic or interactive designer. Honestly, though, you could apply this to anyone, if you twist it the right way. We all have to work with...

Aaron Irizarry and Adam Connor on Collaborative Design Critiques

  A quick video that has a good bit of awesome attached to it. For someone (me) heading up a design department as a Creative Director, there’s never a time when I don’t feel like I could be refining a process just a bit more. This is a great video...

The Periodic Table of SEO

Well, there’s no doubt in my mind… they’ve pretty much got it right. All in one interesting document. Good stuff. Take a look when you get a chance… it may help you with some questions that you have with SEO and SERPS.  ...
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