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“So are you the big ideas guy… you know… the Creative Director that has the big ideas and manages a team to make it happen, or are you the ‘in the trenches designer’ that just crushes awesome work?”

My answer was “YES”.


The most recent brain dump of images, work, photos, thoughts, crazy ideas, and the like….. opinions and views are my own. Seriously.

5 Killer Management Tips

Give Me 5 Things... A quick reflection on a simple favor, that reaped some great advice. ; A while ago, I discovered that one of the people that I had been working with had given his notice and was moving on. He was smart, talented, and a hell of a nice guy, and... read more

Why every kid should have a Fuji Instax Mini 8

Why every kid should have a Fuji Instax Mini 8 ; Is your kid a budding photographer? Ditch the smartphone, and get back to the fundamentals with a camera like the Fuji Instax Mini 8. My daughter Fiona (12 years old at the time of this post) loves taking... read more

10 Minutes around the Yard

Summer is here at this point, and with an achy back (after a 5 hour flight back from Los Angeles), I decided to take it easy, and set up my Orbis arm rig for fun.  When I’m shooting macro stuff, I like to bump up the light with the Orbis, as it can be dialed... read more

A Walk Along the Main in Frankfurt

I loved this shot that I snapped while walking along the river in Frankfurt. When I shot it, I was imagining it being processed to black and white; it seemed like it was one of those shots that you see in older photography books… those iconic shots of... read more

Christmas Markets in Frankfurt

Paper stars, hot spiced wine, sausage… Our first full day in Frankfurt was fantastic. Here’s a quick shot from the day. Awesome color, fantastic. We’re trying to figure how to bring some of those stars home with us (hopefully they fold... read more

Self Portrait

Just one of those lazy Sundays… I have been prepping my gear for a trip to Europe, and decided to throw an umbrella on one of my Speedlights, and see what I could put together in like a 10 minute microsession. This one worked out just fine… did a tiny... read more