SERKET USA, a fresh brand with some very tight designs. I’ve spent  a lot of time in this industry, and these folks did a great job with the design and fit of their garments… I digress…

The SERKET team was needing a rapid response from us to produce a fresh, clean, kick-ass website. The timeline was tight. Really tight.  As I’ve proven time and time again, just because the timeline is tight, it doesn’t mean that you have to skimp on quality or aesthetic. You just need to WORK HARDER. The folks at SERKET were very clear with what they wanted for a look and feel (vision always helps), and they communicated it very clearly.

Photography? Yeah, we got that. We jumped into the studio with the samples that were set, and professionally shot, clipped, and designed a custom background to make them “pop” for the site.

All in all, a great success in a smokin’ tight timeframe.  This job succeeded because of a diverse skill set, great project management skills, and a multifaceted approach to attacking projects.


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December 19, 2013