I’m very excited to post these images from a recent night time photoshoot with Joseph Rosen and  Emmanuel Oppong-Yeboah; two talented, ambitious, and all-around good dudes. Liz Kaseta and I are working with Joe and Emmanuel on their project, Exsistensia. It’s going to be a really cool project, ’nuff said (because I can’t say more).

These shots were taken on a cool summer evening on the University of Connecticut campus. With the absence of radio triggers (derp), I ended up having to pull Liz in to trigger a flash/umbrella setup to light Joe and Emmanuel.

Technical Shit:

The blue field shot was a standard shot with Liz manually triggering a single 1/4 power SB-800. Really long exposure, due to me forcing a low iso.

The Ampitheater shot was a VERY slow exposure (low iso again), with me triggering the shot, yelling at Liz to fire her umbrella flash, and then myself running along the base of the ampitheatre manually triggering a red-gelled SB-800 flash at 1/1 power. W00t! Photography at UCONN on a slow night is fun… and there are so many cool places to shoot.

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