A quick video that has a good bit of awesome attached to it.

For someone (me) heading up a design department as a Creative Director, there’s never a time when I don’t feel like I could be refining a process just a bit more.
This is a great video that in around 5 minutes offers a number of truly awesome tidbits of insight into a sometimes very difficult process. Design Critiques in general are a misunderstood thing; as designers, we have to make sure that we explain our design intent, at the same time making the critique process an equal playing field for everyone with ideas. Helping people outside of the creative department understand our processes gets us one step closer to making things run smoother. This video is a solid piece in an always-can-be-improved-upon puzzle.

Check it out… and make sure to visit Aaron’s site, and follow him on Twitter.

Adam Connor’s site is here. Good stuff.


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