Summer is here at this point, and with an achy back (after a 5 hour flight back from Los Angeles), I decided to take it easy, and set up my Orbis arm rig for fun.  When I’m shooting macro stuff, I like to bump up the light with the Orbis, as it can be dialed back, and simply offer a gentle bit of support for the shots. Take a look. I love catching the different moments in time as things grow in the yard and garden. Oop… the sun’s coming out… gotta get back out there.

These were shot with my 50mm f2.8 Sigma macro workhorse (I’m telling you, I love this lens, and at $369.00, it’s a goddamned steal), and I used an Orbis® ringflash with a trusty old SB-800.

Early Summer Yard Walk

Orbis Ringflash

Garden Flash Photography





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